Abrasive grit for the tumbler 

Type Description

Price for 1 - 1/2 #

Step #1 60/120 grit $10.50  $31.50
Step #2 100 grit/fine $10.50 $31.50
Step #3 400F Graded $11.00
Step #3 K-5   Propels $12.00 $36.00
Step #4 AO-P730

$12.75 per pound

Step #4  A-108

$12.75 per pound

600F Graded

Call for price

Syn-Tin Flat Lap Polish

$32.00 per pound

                   Plastic pellets (use with Step #4 to cushion the load) $4.95/lb.

Polishing Supplies

Steel shot.... case hardened steel mixture of ball, cones, diagonals and pins, ideally suited for burnishing even the most intricate parts or jewelry pieces.
15.052, 5 lbs.......$39.50

Stainless Steel Shot -47.0238, 2 lbs.......$52.50

Burnishing Compound D.....is uniquely formulated for use with steel shot. Produces a brilliant shine on metals. Dilute 2 % in water.
41-003, 1 qt..........$9.50


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