Rocks, Slabs & Fossils

Amazonite - A feldspar, pleasing green with a few white lines
Amethyst #1 (Dog tooth shape) - chevron pattern,  dark purple with white tip
Amethyst #2 - Small,  medium dark purple with some chevron design, 28 to 35 pieces per pound
Amethyst #3 - Medium size, 12-14 pieces per pound.
Amethyst #4 - Large - average 6-8 pieces per pound
Blue Quartz - Nice denim blue color, some white streaks
Carnelian - Shades of orange, 6-7 pieces per pound
Chrysocolla - Emerald green and black
Desert Jasper - mixed colors, light and dark reds, grey, pink - like Polychrome
Girasol/Opalite - A man made material which will produce a silky, milky-white finished stone
Green Aventurine - Brazil, excellent quality, medium green
Hematite - Finishes up Shiny Black Metallic
Labradorite - Greenish with subtle flashes of blue and yellow
Lepidiolite - Purple with lots of shiny mica flakes
Madagascar Mix - colorful, mixed jasper, similar to Polychrome
Mix - Colorful mix of Aventurine, Sodalite, Rose Quartz, red Jasper
Picture Jasper - Tan with lines of dark brown, gray and rust
Red Jasper - Brick red
Rhodonite - Rose pink with black veining
Rio Plata Agate - Some banded, mostly carnelian color pebbles
Rose Quartz - Brazil
Rose Quartz - Madagascar, darker pink
Rutilated Quartz - Golden rutile needles in quartz
Septarian - Broken chunks, brown with yellow Calcite
Sodalite - Rich royal blue, some white veining
Topaz - Mostly clear water tumbled pebbles produce a brilliant polish
Tourmaline - Black, medium size pieces
Email for specific prices.

I have so much facet rough I can't list it all and I may find more as I sort through some estate pieces collected over the years.  If you are interested I can send you photos and further detailed descriptions
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AMETHYST - Rose de France to medium and darker colors
APATITE - Greenish neon, small sizes, and bright yellow
BERYLS - Aquamarine, Goshenite, Heliodore, Morganite
CHRYSOBERYL - Yellow with green cast, 12-18 ct. sizes
CITRINE - Lemon yellow to dark orange
GARNET - All colors including orange and Rhodolite
PERIDOT - Small to large sizes, good color
QUARTZ - Clear, Smoky Lemon, 25 grams and larger
ROSE QUARTZ - Light pink to clean, good pink color
SUNSTONE - Yellow Feldspar, from Mexico
TOPAZ - Swiss blue, sky blue, Guerrero, white
TOURMALINE - Orange, pink, yellow, Indicolite, and other shades of green
ZIRCON - Small blue and larger Honey

To cut into slabs - Or if you just want a big rock.
Call for pricing, sizes and availability
These are pretty much the same list as slabs since I cut most of my slabs.

Agate Polyhedrons, Brazil
Autumn Leaf Jasper - Patterns of coral and brown.
Bacon Onyx - Ripples of cream and tan.
Blue Granite - (State Rock of SC, from Winnsboro)
Blue Lace Agate - White ribbons in the blue chalcedony.
Brazilian Agate - Whole nodules would display full pattern banding when cut. Small 2 lb. up to 6 lbs.
Bruneau Jasper - Idaho. Each nodule has a different orb pattern, browns and cream. Difficult to obtain. Mine closed years ago.
Coyamito, Mexico - Small nodules
Dugway Geodes - Classic Utah origin, blue chalcedony lined cavity.
Catlinite - Red carving material. Can be worked with carpenter tools.
Graveyard Point Plume Agate - Makes picturesque slabs you will want to display on a stand, but you may find areas to cab.
Hematite - Black ore, should produce shiny finish.
Hickoryite - Random bands of red on yellow background.
Ironwood - Sounds like iron clinking together. Mostly decorative whole.
Laguna Agate, Mexico - Small nodules
Leopardskin Jasper - Mexico. Spotted like a leopard.
Obsidian -Black, Snowflake, Baby Snowflake, Mahogany.
Petrified Wood - South Carolina Palm, Louisiana Palm, Arizona, Oregon and Washington state, and Queensland, Australia.
Picture Jaspers - Desert sandstone and Jasper, and others.
Red Plume Agate - Closely grouped red plumes in clear background.
Red Moss Agate - Closely grouped red, some yellow, moss pattern in clear background.
Rose Quartz - Brazil, Large saw-faced pieces, 6 lbs. up to 8 lbs.
Serpentine - Pale green with some banding.
Tigereye - 1 lb. and larger, gold and blue, some larger pieces up to 1-1/4” thick.
Turritella Agate - Fossils in dark brown matrix (Actually collected by myself several years ago on Delany Rim in Wyoming).
Unakite- Pink feldspar and green epidote.
Verdite - Africa - Medium green color.

Individually priced according to material, size and quality.

Brazilian Agate
Blue Lace Agate
Cave Creek red Jasper
Crazy Lace
Graveyard Point Plume Agate
Green Moss Agate
Obsidian - Snowflake, Mahogany, Silver Sheen
Montana Picture Agate
Red Moss
Rose Quartz
Petrified Wood - S.C. Palm, Washington and Oregon
Tigereye -gold or blue, some as wide as 1-3/4”

Ammonites - Small collector and large display sizes
Fossil Fern
Fossil fish
Fossil Oysters
Orthoceras - Individual and multi-plates
Shark’s teeth
Trilobites - Small and large
Turritella Agate