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            Rocks for the Tumbler

Amazonite A Feldspar - pleasing Green with a few white lines


Amethyst Dog tooth shape with beautiful chevron pattern, 
dark purple with white tip.
Amethyst Namibia - Large - average 8 pieces per pound.  $4.95/lb.
Amethyst Namibia  - Small,  medium dark purple with some chevron design - size 1" - 3"  $5.25/lb.
Amethyst Namibia - Mine run -  Phantom Chevron - 10 to12 pieces per pound - clean , medium dark


Blue Apatite Has crystal planes, but definite blue color w/green tone. $5.95/lb.
Blue Quartz Nice medium blue color, some white streaks. $5.95/lb.
Calcite Orange - Madagascar $5.95/lb.
Calcite Yellow - Mexico clean yellowish $5.95/lb.
Carnelian Small weathered pebbles $4.95/ lb.
Carnelian Small red $3.50/ lb.
Carnelian Light color, larger, 6-7 pieces per lb. $3.50/lb.
 Desert Jasper  Beautiful  tan with bands of dark brown, gray and rust.  $5.95/lb.
Girasol - Opal Also called Opalite.  A man made material which will      produce a silky, milky-white finished stone. $5.95/ lb.
Green Aventurine Brazil - excellent quality - medium green $5.95/ lb.
Hematite Finishes up Shiny Black Metallic   $5.60/ lb.
Lake Superior Agate Mixed small to medium nodules - some banding

$3.95/ 1/2  lb.

Picture Sandstone Light Tan with Dark Dendrite $5.95/ lb.
Quartz Clear but Weathered Broken Points  46-50 pcs. per lb. $5.70/lb.
Quartz Clear - Slightly Damaged   8-10 pcs. per lb.   $6.95/lb.
Red Jasper Good Red Color $5.95/lb
Rose Quartz Small, light colored - 20 pcs. per lb. $5.95/lb.
Rose Quartz Dark colored larger - 4 pcs. per lb. $5.95/lb
Rhodonite Rose pink with black veining    $5.95/lb.
Rio Plata Agate Some banded, mostly carnelian color pebbles    $3.00/lb.
Rio Plata Agate Same as above, but Pre-tumbled for 2 weeks in Step #1  $4.50/LB.
Rutilated Quartz Golden rutile needles in quartz   $6.85/lb.
Septarian Broken Chunks - Brown with Yellow Calcite  $5.95/lb.
SODALITE Rich royal blue, large, 6-8 pcs to lb. or smaller 20 pcs per lb. $5.95/lb.
TOPAZ Mostly clear water tumbled pebbles that produce a brilliant polish.  $7.50/lb.
Mixed Rocks Good assortment for getting started $5.95/lb.

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Abrasive grit for the tumbler


Be sure to order the convenient 4 step tumbling charges kit. Enough abrasives and polish for tumbling 14 lbs of rocks. 

  Item 590-30        $22.595    


Type Description

1.5 lb

5 lb

Step #1 60/120 grit $7.50 $23.00
Step #2 100 grit/fine $7.65 $23.50
Step #3 K-5   Pre-polish 10.50 $32.50
Step #4 AO-P750 $8.50 for one lb. ---
Step #4 Alumina G $8.50 for one lb. ---

   Plastic pellets (use with Step #4 to cushion the load)     $4.25 lb.                     

 Raytech Tumble-Vibe 5 Vibrating Tumbler - Tumble polish stones in half the time it takes with rotary tumblers.     Finishes about 4 lbs. of rocks using abrasive grit or 25 ring castings using steel shot and burnishing compound.                         23-001........$109.95

 Pictures and Description

Model Capacity Price
1.5E           #001-90  1.5 lbs. not available
3A              #001-92 3 lbs. $89.00
3-1.5B        #004-93 3 Barrels,  1.5 lbs. each $135.00
33B            #004-91  2 barrels,  3 lbs. each  $132.00
45C            #004-92  4 lbs.  $132.00
QT6           #006-90  6 lbs. $189.00
QT12         #006-91 12 lbs. $210.00
QT66         #006-92 2 barrels, 6 lbs. each $225.00

Polishing Supplies

Steel shot.... case hardened steel mixture of ball cones, diagonals and pins, ideally suited for burnishing even the most intricate parts or jewelry pieces.             15.052,   5 lbs.......$39.95

Stainless Steel Shot.                                             47.0238 - 2 lbs.......$52.50

Burnishing Compound uniquely formulated for use with steel shot. Produces a brilliant shine on metals. Dilute 2 % in water.                                                41-003,   1 qt..........$12.50


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