We stock a complete line of LORTONE tumblers from 1 to 12 lb. capacities. Each is quiet,     sturdy,  simple to operate, and gives excellent results.  All feature the patented LORTONE molded rubber barrel with a quick-seal closure, and a continuous-duty fan-cooled motor. 



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1) Buy quality
Good tumbling results starts with a good machine. Take your time and find a dealer that will help you decide on the correct model for what you plan to tumble. Resist the temptation to buy just any closeout model - even if it's a LORTONE. 

2) Find the right size tumbler
Even though all tumblers do the same
basic job, the size can still affect the results. Not only do larger tumblers
require more rock to operate efficiently,
they also consume more grit and polish. Buy a small tumbler if you are just getting started or have primarily small material.
Buy a mid-size tumbler if you need to tumble larger stones or have larger amounts. For production runs, choose a commercial unit.

3) Build a relationship with a dealer
Find a reputable dealer that spends time with you, listens to your needs and helps you through trouble spots.



Model 3A
Single 3 lb. capacity barrel.
 $ 96.00


33bsmallgif.gif (7449 bytes)

Model 33B
Twin 3 lb. capacity barrels.
$ 142.00


45cgif.gif (9829 bytes)
Model 45C
Single 4 lb. capacity barrel.
 $ 142.00

Large Tumblers
Larger capacity tumblers boast the same outstanding performance as our smaller tumblers. Perfect for larger items and moderate production use. Heavy-duty motors and welded steel frames.

QT6smallgif.gif (11446 bytes)
Model QT6
Single 6 lb. capacity barrel.

QT12smallgif.gif (10676 bytes)
Model QT12
Single 12 lb. capacity barrels.
#006- 091 - $ 220.00


QT66smallgif.gif (11238 bytes)
Model QT66
Twin barrels, 6 lb. capacity each.
$ 240.00

Grit and Polish

Be sure to order the convenient 4 step tumbling charges kit. Enough abrasives and polish for tumbling 14 lbs of rocks.

Item 590-30    $28.95






3-15gif.gif (9079 bytes)
Model 3-1.5
Three barrels, 1.5 lb. capacity each.       $142.00











You may place an order by phone, mail or email. If you order by email you may wish to call in your charge account number. We accept VISA, MASTER CARD and DISCOVER. Orders under $25.00 will have a handling charge of $5.00 added.  We ship using USPS.   For shipping charges, visit http://usps.com/shipping/rates.htm


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